Proposed Changes to Arlington Bus Service -- Arlington Needs Your Feedback!

Post date: Mar 7, 2016 7:22:24 PM

Arlington has drafted recommendations to improve bus service in the County over the next 10 years. The proposal suggests changes to 36 ART and Metrobus routes by enhancing or restructuring their services. We want to get feedback from residents on these proposed changes and how they could impact the community.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Everyone’s feedback will help shape the final recommendations of Arlington's 10-year bus plan and the future of bus service.

What to Do:

1) Learn About the Proposed Recommendations. Below is a quick reference for the proposed changes to the ART bus routes (PDF) in your area. The proposed changes for Metrobus routes in Arlington can be found here (PDF).

Proposed changes to ART bus routes in your area:

ART 41 -- Increase rush hour frequency to every 10 minutes.

ART 45 -- In Phase 1, increase rush hour frequency to every 20 minutes and realign route to remove it from Columbia Pike and create more circulation within neighborhoods adjacent to the Pike. In Phase 2, increase rush hour frequency to every 15 minutes.

ART 75 -- Increase rush hour frequency to every 20 minutes and improve midday/evening service to every 30 minutes. Add weekend service with a frequency of every 30 minutes.

2) Provide Your Feedback. Once you've reviewed the proposed changes, take this short survey to let us know what you think. The survey will be available until March 11.

The survey link: