May 17, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Call to order. Cate Harrington, President called the meeting to order at 7:10PM.


  • Welcome Introductions

  • Announcements from the President

  • Next meeting July 19, 2022 at7:00 pm

  • Elections: We were looking for community focused candidates for the position of Vice/President/Program Director and Co-membership Director.

Ms. Harrington expressed the priorities of our meetings and the main one is, building membership so we can grow as an organization.

  • Ms. Harrington continues to update the website; the Facebook page was created to inform neighbors living in Arlington Mill.

  • Ms. Harrington reported that she continues actively participate in the Columbia Pike Presidents’ Group. She shouted out Omari Davis and Miriam Bolanos for attending the meeting on her behalf. This meeting was to create a Stormwater draft letter and brainstorm to find potential solutions to this issue.

  • A draft letter was approved by all members of the Columbia Pike Presidents’ Group and sent to Arlington County at the beginning of May 2022

Form Based Code Meeting (FBC)

  • A shout out to our Membership Director, Noreen, who attended the meeting on behalf of the Arlington Mill Civic Association. She reported it was a great opportunity to hear the future plans of developers.

  • Talks are ongoing about transferring development rights from the Haven Apartments to the Macy’s site.


Ms. Janeth Valenzuela was nominated and elected by the attendees to be a C0-Membership Director. She will be working with Noreen building membership in the community.

The position of Vice-President was not filled today.


  • Spring Cleanup is scheduled for June 4, 2022. Arlington County trucks are scheduled to come around Arlington Mill to pick up old furniture, wood, electronic devices or any similar disposables that regular trash does not take on a weekly basis.

  • Janeth and Noreen will visit neighbors in the duplex area with flyers and information. The goal is to build membership by giving people information about our association while also letting them know about June 4th.

  • Depending on the response of old and new neighbors we will assess doing an activity at one of parks in person.

  • Our website is now updated and working at for anyone wishing to get more information about our activities.

Our next meeting will be July 19, 2022 at 7:00 pm. We hope to see you; this meeting was adjourned by Cate Harrington at 8:05 pm.