January10, 2023 Meeting Minutes

1. Call to order. Linda LeDuc, President pro-tempore called the meeting to order at 7:10PM on Zoom.


  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Neighborhood News/

  3. Your comments/ questions

  • Ms. LeDuc welcomed everyone and reported from the meeting conducted in December 2022 with Ms. Miriam Bolanos and Mr. Justin Beck, Public Engagement Specialist working with Arlington County. In the meeting, the low level of resident participation in civic associations across the County was discussed. Arlington County would like to strengthen the relationship to be able to have better communication of the initiatives in the County with their constituents. The communication line is open for future projects/events in partnership with his office.

  • Ms. LeDuc also informed the audience about the Neighborhood College, it is a FREE civic leadership development program for Arlingtonians that helps participants become more effective community activists and leaders. Since its inception in 2000, nearly 400 Arlingtonians have graduated from the program, and many have gone on to become neighborhood leaders, members of advisory groups and commissions, officers in their civic associations, County Board members, volunteers at nonprofit organizations, local activists, and more. Please visit the website for more information : https://www.arlingtonva.us/Government/Projects/Arlington-Neighborhoods-Program/College

  • Arlington County also has some funds designed to help communities to meet and have a social event. All the civic associations can apply and write a proposal to get $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars). Ideas were proposed during the meeting to have an event where we could gather with all the neighbors in Arlington Mill in early September 2023.

  • Manager of South Arlington Parks Mr. Kasey Spriggs was contacted by the Arlington Mill civic association to find out when the donation 25 trees for our Tyrol Hill Park will take place. Unfortunately, he was out on leave and didn’t get back to us before this meeting.

  • During the Pike’s Presidents meeting, that gathers all the presidents from civic associations along Columbia Pike, it was reported that Arlington County has purchased property behind the Serrano apartments, which leads to Columbia Pike, for the purpose of building a fire station. The Pike Presidents Group plans to invite the fire chief to a future meeting to discuss this proposal.

  • The county also purchased the property at 601 S. Carlin Springs Road (the former Virginia Hospital urgent care facility) and has money in the future budget to demolish to current building and decide on what would go on that property.

  • Ms. Bolanos reported that she always posts the upcoming meetings using the Next-Door app and our Facebook Page. Also, the minutes are available in our website www.arlingtonmill.org for neighbors unable to attend to the meetings.

  • Ms. Bolanos is organizing a cleanup for MLK – Day of service at Tyrol Hill Park with neighbors interested in cleaning up the area from 10:30 am to noon on January 16, 2023.

  • Wall mural at Palazzo. Ms. LeDuc provided background information on a quest to install a mural at the Palazzo Condo retaining wall facing Columbia Pike. There is no funding in the county budget for such art at this time.

  • Ms. LeDuc will draft a letter to the county requesting funds be added for next year’s budget.

  • ELECTIONS: Vice-President position was filled today.

  • Mr. Chanda Choun was nominated and elected by the attendees to be the new Vice-President of the Arlington Mill Civic Association.


  • Arlington Mill Civic Association (AMCA) Board will be working on a survey that it will send out to the neighborhood in English and Spanish to get to know our neighbors their interests and increase participation.

  • AMCA also will start to prepare a proposal for the grant offered by Arlington County, to have funds and organize a Neighborhood Event in Arlington Mill early September 2023.

Our next meeting will be on March 14, 2023 at 7:00 pm. We hope to see you.

This meeting was adjourned by Linda LeDuc at 8:10 pm.