Meeting - Arlington Mill Community Center (AMCC)

Post date: Jul 6, 2012 7:51:49 PM

Dear Pike Neighbors -

As you drive by Columbia Pike/S. Dinwiddie Street you can see the great progress being made on building our new community center.

You are invited to attend a meeting on Thursday, July 12, at 6:45 pm at the Greenbrier Baptist Church Fellowship Hall located at 5401 7th Road So. (enter lower level hall at stairway in front of parking lot) to learn about the latest regarding the center. Please mark your calendar. The proposed agenda is indicated below.

Your continuing interest and participation is important to the entire Pike community. Please spread the word to your neighbors. We look forward to seeing you next week.

Proposed Agenda

Arlington County will give a presentation on:

-- update on the AMCC construction

-- art at the AMCC. The DPCR will be contracting with a group called Floating Lab Collective to help us develop art at the community center and discuss ways to get greater community participation at the center. As you know, we have expanded the center so that a larger community can be accommodated to participate in programs and activities of interest to you. At a future date, we will then meet with the Collective where they will present their ideas to the committee and community.

Here is a link to obtain more information about the Floating Lab:

About Us


In addition, we will get an update on the housing component from Wesley Gassert, APAH Project Manager, which is anticipated to begin in late summer 2012.