Agriculture in Arlington: an Historical Perspective

Post date: Jul 15, 2011 8:17:17 PM

Virginia Cooperative Extension sponsored Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Lecture Series is proud to present

July 20th 7-9 Fairlington Community Center Free and Open to all

3308 S.Stafford St. Arlington VA. 22206

Call 703 228 6414 for more information AND to reserve a seat for this

exciting program.

The last 50 years have brought rapid change to our lives in the United

States. This change has been especially true in our agricultural system,

which has evolved from regional food systems to international conglomerates.

During these same decades, Arlington County has moved from a rural to

suburban to urban community. Once known as the dairy capitol of the region,

Arlington still have remnants of its' agricultural heritage intact.

Dan will explore the recent history of agriculture in Arlington that mirrors

the changes in many cities of our country. We will look at a few challenges

that we face in today's industrial food system, including peak oil and

climate change. We will explore nearby cities that are proactively

addressing the challenges of a secure food system for their residents in the

future. The residents of these communities are striving to create a more

resilient, food system at home; and are doing it today.

Kirsten Conrad Buhls

Agriculture Natural Resources Extension Agent

Virginia Cooperative Extension

3308 S Stafford St.

Arlington VA 22206

703 228 6423

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