Three APS summer college credit opportunities in STEM for .......

Post date: Mar 6, 2011 10:50:03 PM

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Arlington Public Schools is providing three innovative, six-week,

integrative math and technical education courses this summer through the

APS/NOVA partnership at the Governors Career and Technical Academy in

Arlington (GCTAA). All three courses provide between five and ten college

credits including three in Math and up to seven in technical subject areas (

*IT / Web Application Development, Digital Media, *or* Automotive Technology

*), and also one high school credit in the technical subject area.



*All three courses are driven by project-based learning, allowing for

learning math in a relevant, hands-on context.*

We are particularly interested in recruiting young women and men for the

Automotive Technology program, in which students receive three college

credits in Math 151, two college credits in Auto100, and one high school

credit in Automotive Technology 1. This summer program would be

particularly advantageous to students looking to distinguish themselves in

the college application process from other students with otherwise similar

academic backgrounds. Of course, they will also learn a lot about cars and

trucks and engineering.

Link to the online flyer and application form: **

*Although the applications may be received until May 6, registration is

first-come, first-served and some classes are nearly full.*

After reading the online flyer, students or parents can contact Nancy Opsut

or Teresa Estes at w: 703-228-5731; fax: 703-228-5815


To learn more about STEM education, integrative courses or project-based

learning, contact me at