(Safety) Larceny from Auto - Prevention Tips

Post date: Mar 29, 2016 3:12:17 PM

Larceny from Auto - Prevention Tips

Acting Public Information Officer Ashley Savage from Arlington County Police Department

What do most larcenies from auto have in common? The vehicles are left unlocked. Whenever leaving your vehicle unattended, help protect your belongings with these safety tips.

DO -

*Park in well-lit and high-traffic areas

*Keep doors locked and windows up

*Move valuables to your trunk


*Leave your car running unattended at any time

*Leave electronic cords or GPS' visible

*Leave items under your seat

*Leave bags (gym, shopping, etc.) visible

*Leave electronics (cell phones, iPads, etc.) in your vehicle

*Leave spare change or cash visible in your vehicle

*Leave a spare key in your vehicle

Larcenies from auto are crimes of opportunity. Your best defense to remove the opportunity is to keep your vehicle free of valuables.

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