Penrose Square Construction Begins

Post date: Jan 17, 2012 6:51:18 PM

Construction of the new public square on Columbia Pike is starting! Penrose Square is the first of three squares that will eventually be located along the Pike Corridor and will be an active pedestrian center and community gathering spot within the corridor's Town Center. Expect to see a lot of work these upcoming months at the site and to be able to use Penrose Square by early next fall!

The first phase of development calls for a tree-covered, upper terrace with movable tables and chairs; an inner plaza with a water feature; a unique two-piece sculpture called "Echo"; an inscription of the historic significance of the site, and a grass mound area shaded with trees for informal seating.

Continuing Arlington's goal of a sustainable environment, the tree terrace area will have Silva Cells installed beneath the surface to facilitate stormwater runoff filtration into the soil while providing maximum soil volume for root growth. The Silva Cells prevent compaction of the soil so that tree roots are protected and also help to retain water to sustain the trees during dry periods.

What's more, a portion of the square will have a water feature designed to shoot thin jets of water 5 – 12 feet into the air from the pavers. The water feature will enhance the square by providing the movement and sounds of water and make an enjoyable place for people to visit. The water from the fountain will be collected, treated and then reused in the fountain again to conserve water.

And finally, the square will also have a new Super Stop Station located along the front sidewalk that will support the current Pike Ride system as well as future generations of transit that are planned for Columbia Pike.

Funded by PAY-AS-YOU-GO Capital Funds and General Obligation Bond Funds, the contractor is Meridian Construction Company.

Susan Kalish

Director of Marketing and Communications

Arlington County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 414

Arlington, VA 22201