Online Walter Reed Super Stop Design Survey

Post date: Jun 26, 2013 12:41:29 PM


Arlington County is conducting a comprehensive review of the performance, cost, design and construction of the recently completed Walter Reed Super Stop prototype. The goal of the review is to facilitate the construction of the remaining 23 planned Stops faster, more cost effectively and with improved functionality where necessary.

The assessment takes on a three-pronged approach with distinct processes:

· A financial and performance assessment,

· A community consultation process aimed at the users of the stop, and

· A technical design review

The community consultation process includes you - current stop users and Columbia Pike neighbors and businesses - to get your feedback on the site’s design and amenities!

o Take our online survey NOW designed specifically for current stop users and Columbia Pike neighbors/businesses. It will be available from June 22, 2013 through July 21, 2013.

o You may also notice a third-party conducting the survey in-person at the Walter Reed Super Stop to ensure a wide range of user participation.

o County staff will also consult with targeted groups, such as local civic associations, the Columbia Pike Implementation Team (CPIT), the Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization, and the Transit Advisory Committee, to obtain their input on the design.

The intent of the feedback process is to seek input on the prototype’s physical elements and their functionality and effectiveness in order to inform the design review.

o This process will NOT seek guidance on the broader Columbia Pike Super Stops program, such as stop locations, number of stations, or continuation of the program.

The findings from the overall comprehensive review will be used to determine how to proceed on future Super Stops. The review and outreach process is slated for completion in late fall 2013. The County Manager, after consulting with Arlington County Board members and WMATA, will announce her decision later this year.

Stay tuned to the Columbia Pike Super Stops webpage for updates!