Oct 15 2016: One Stop Shop for Housing and Health information

Post date: Sep 16, 2016 1:38:53 PM

Save the Date!

Oct 15, 10a.m.-4p.m.

Live-In Arlington Info-FairHousing - Health and Wellness

* Free admission and parking *

(4 hrs. free parking)


Arlington Mill Community Center

909 S. Dinwiddie Street

Arlington, VA 22204

Free Seminars & Workshops!

See the list of classes in the LAIF webpage or click the blue logo. Limited seating, first come first served!

Registration is needed for ”The Condo Seminar”

Call us at 703-228-3765 to register!

One Stop Shop for Housing and Health information:

  • Realtors, mortgage companies, banks, nonprofit organizations and Arlington County housing and health representatives!

  • From workshops for Tenant’s Rights to First-Time home buyers to Free Flu and Health screening, the Arlington Info-Fair has something for everyone!

For more information:

LINK TO CONTACT: http://arlingtonlife.org/contact/

Call the Housing Division at 703-228-3765 or the LAIF team at at 202-599-0665

WEBPAGE: http://www.arlingtonlife.org/


Exhibitor registration

Food & Music

Family Friendly Fun!