Clarendon Day - traffic alert

Post date: Aug 26, 2011 1:09:52 PM

On Saturday, September 24th, 2011, the Clarendon Alliance is sponsoring "Clarendon Day". The Alliance has asked for Police assistance with traffic and crowd control. This Festival requires that we close the following streets from 5AM until 8PM.

• Wilson Blvd and Clarendon Blvd between Washington Blvd and North Garfield Street

• North Highland Street and North Hartford Street where they connect by Wilson Blvd,

• North Herndon Street at Wilson Blvd,

• North Hudson Street at Wilson Blvd

• North Highland Street at Washington Blvd.

The event also has a 10 K race which will close Wilson Blvd from Arlington Ridge Road to North Highland street from 0800-1000 hrs. Kent Street between North 19th and Wilson and Rt. 110 northbound will also be closed between Rt. 1 in Crystal city to the Rosslyn exit from 0600-1000 Hrs. MAB/OEM