Candidates for Arlington County Board Forum: May 11th

Post date: May 4, 2015 4:25:30 AM

The Pike Presidents' Group (PPG), comprising ten Pike Corridor Civic Associations, will host a Forum for the Democratic Party Candidates for County Board on Monday 11 May 2015 at 7.30 pm in themulti-purpose A/B/C rooms at Walter Reed Community Center, 2909 16th St S.

Six candidates are vying for the nomination to compete in the General Election to replace Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes, who are both retiring their seats at the end of the year. The forum will feature questions from the PPG regarding Pike issues and an opportunity for questions from the audience attending the forum.

The candidates in attendance will be:

• Katie Cristol

• Christian Dorsey

• Peter Fallon

• James Lander

• Andrew Schneider

• Bruce Wiljanen

The general format of the forum will be as follows:

• Call to order

• Introductions

• Opening Statements (2 min per candidate)

• Questions from the PPG (approximately ½ hour; 90 seconds per candidate for answers)

• Questions from the floor (approximately 1 hour; 90 seconds per candidate for answers)

• Closing statements (2 min per candidate)

• The evening should conclude around 9.45p.

The PPG would respectfully ask for no applause, cheering, jeering or other verbal replies by audience members in response to candidate statements. Applause for all participants should be held to the end of the evening. Mobile phones should be turned off or silenced for the duration of the forum.

The two Democratic Nominees will be selected in a primary to be held Tuesday 9 June 2015. The PPG will sponsor further County Board fora this autumn for ALL candidates running in November's General Election for County Board.

Please make plans to attend this informative event.