Arlington County Retail Plan Public Forums

Post date: Apr 29, 2015 6:22:16 PM

Please join us at one (or both) of the public forums to discuss the Arlington County Retail Plan.

The focus of the discussion will be primarily around the Retail Street Maps. Both forums will have the same content and format.

When, where and what time are the public forums?

Why should you be interested?

Arlington has used the term retail in numerous ways: sales, services, repairs, food & drinking establishments and sometimes to describe uses and activities that function like retail (“retail equivalents”). The Retail Plan, in particular the maps, indicate where these categories of uses are envisioned within Arlington’s Planning Corridors (Rosslyn – Ballston, Jefferson Davis and Columbia Pike). We want to discuss how we developed the maps and learn how these maps resonate with the community.

What is the purpose of the Retail Plan?

The Arlington County Retail Plan expresses an explicit vision statement for retail in Arlington. Grounded in a shared vision of “a diverse and inclusive world-class urban community with secure, attractive residential and commercial neighborhoods…[1]” and the work of the Retail Task Force of the Economic Development Commission, the retail vision addresses the conventions and idiosyncrasies of retail and the need to serve Arlington’s business and residential communities.

Arlington will be a community where retail is convenient, appealing, activating and sustainable; that provides interest and authenticity, entertainment and experiences, and goods and services to residents, employees and visitors; and where local, independent, regional and national businesses thrive.

The purpose of this Retail Plan is to achieve this vision. Therefore, the Retail Plan must accomplish three things.

§ Clarity: The Retail Plan must provide clear guidance as to the design, placement and specific uses within the ground floor of special exception projects in Arlington.

§ Consistency: The Retail Plan must ensure consistent application of this guidance.

§ Flexibility: The Retail Plan must accommodate a level of flexibility with respect to use, design and timing.


Attached is an excerpt of the Arlington County Retail Plan – the Retail Street Maps. This will be the focus of the public forums.

Contact Information

Please send questions or comments to me: Jill Griffin

Background information may be found online.


[1] From the Arlington County Vision Statement