Arlington Artists Academy announces New Watercolor Class with Beth Hudgins and Linda Maldonado

Post date: Jan 13, 2011 3:59:13 AM

Watercolor 1.0.... Have fun learning the basics of watercolor paintings with two popular local artists.

Beth and Linda demonstrate and guide you in color mixing, creating and using a

color wheel, using value studies, painting wet-in-wet, creating graded washes,

learning what makes a good painting, and much more.

Location: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 4000 N. Lorcom Lane, Arlington, VA 22207

Instructors: Beth Hudgins & Linda Maldonado

Class #HM11141 1–4PM Thursdays, March 3 through April 14

Cost: $170 for 7 weeks

To Register go to under the tab "classes".

For more information, Call 703.894.0539 or 703.533.0957 or email