New Hours in County Spraygrounds beginning July 17

Post date: Jul 10, 2010 12:05:07 PM

Arlington County is adjusting the hours of its spraygrounds to ensure that Arlingtonians have access on weekdays to a sprayground as early at 10am and as late as 8pm. Weekend hours will remain the same (noon to 8pm).

The new hours will allow children who nap in the afternoon to play in the morning at a sprayground, working parents to take their children to a sprayground after work, summer camps to use the spraygrounds for scheduled visits and equally as important, will allow the County to maintain its FY2011 Budget guidelines.

The new schedule will be implemented July 17 to give camps time to adjust their programming schedules. Below is the new schedule and attached to this email are flyers for community use. Arlington will continue to look for ways to extend the hours of the spraygrounds without increasing costs to the taxpayer.