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(Arlington Mill circa 1863, credit: “Civil War Collection. The Photography Collections, University of Maryland, Baltimore County")
[Civil War Collection]. Special Collections,
University of Maryland, Baltimore County."

Tracts of land comprising the Arlington Mill neighborhood were acquired during the period 1724-1744.  Forty-six percent of housing was constructed between 1947-1950—Magnolia Gardens and Park Glen (1947); Columbia Gardens and Columbia Heights (now Monterey) (1948); Greenbrier (1949), Tyroll Hills and the duplex houses (1950).

The former Safeway grocery store, which became the Arlington Mill Community Center and High School Continuation program in 1995, was built in 1952, near where the Arlington Mill had stood.

By 1965, 94% of the neighborhood's housing had been built.  Several apartment buildings converted to condominiums or cooperatives during the period 1972-1982.  Some new housing was built in 1984 and 2004.  Over the past 50 years the area has been transformed.  It is now one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Arlington— the world in a zip code.

The neighborhood organized into a Civic Association in 1975 as the Columbia Heights West Civic Association.  In 2015, the association, seeking to distinguish itself from other liked-named neighborhoods, voted to change its name to Arlington Mill.

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