Neighborhood Planning Efforts

Action Plan: The CHW Neighborhood Action Plan, approved by the County Board in November 1997, was developed collaboratively with the Columbia Heights West Task Force (CHWTF), County staff and CHW residents, and articulated a shared vision and consensus by residents about the future of CHW and how to achieve the vision. Priorities in the plan identified by the community were: (1) neighborhood participation, (2) quality of life, (3) neighborhood appearance, (4) housing, (5) economic development and (6) public safety.

Arlington County reviewed and recommended program changes to its NSA program in 2004. Under the revised program, CHW continues as an NSA. A new survey, conducted among residents, revised the Neighborhood Action Plan and identified 5 areas of focus: (1) resident participation, (2) youth services, (3) property maintenance, (4) personal/pedestrian/ vehicular safety and (5) housing. Resources will be applied to these areas.

Citizen Participation. Planning efforts include a significant amount of citizen participation at all stages of the process. All residents and affected parties have an opportunity to express their views. Much of this planning is accomplished through the CHWCA working with the County and other partners

Traffic Issues: In 1986 the County and residents developed a Traffic Management Plan focused on traffic safety and street improvements. Completed projects included: new turning lanes on major streets in CHW, new coordinated traffic signals, lane expansion on Carlin Springs Road, nubs (extended curbs) at critical intersections, new parking signs and lanes and crosswalks.

An analysis of CHW traffic patterns in 2001 indicated that traffic calming measures were needed for S. 7th Road. A committee of county staff and residents from CHW and Forest Glen (adjacent neighborhood) developed a CHW Traffic Calming Plan, which was approved by the County Board in January 2002. Funding was approved for street repaving, improved safety measures such as additional nubs, improved crosswalks and crossing signs, plantings, realignment of parking spaces for improved visibility, etc..

Neighborhood Conservation. In 1999, County Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) staff and the Columbia Heights West Civic Association (CHWCA) developed a Neighborhood Conservation Plan, which was approved by the County Board in January 2000. The Neighborhood Conservation Program (NCP) funds capital improvements and public safety projects. The Plan should be updated at a minimum of 10 years after approval.