Neighborhood Conservation

In 1999, County Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC) staff and the Columbia Heights West Civic Association (CHWCA) developed a Neighborhood Conservation Plan, which was approved by the County Board in January 2000. The Neighborhood Conservation Program (NCP) funds capital improvements and public safety projects. The Plan should be updated at a minimum of 10 years after approval.

CHW’s participation in the NCP program has brought $1,049,000 worth of upgrades into our community. The NCP funded the master planning and improvements to Tyrol Hill Park ($639,000); a missing sidewalk, curb and gutter along S. 7th Road/S. Dinwiddie St. ($147,000); Carlyle-style lights on S. 7th Rd/S. Dinwiddie St. ($250,000); and CHW neighborhood signs ($13,000).