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Arlington Mill Community Center Update

posted Jul 15, 2011, 12:57 PM by L M
republished from the Arlington22204 ListServ

Here is an update on construction of the Arlington Mill Community

The contractor is going to mobilize about August 1st. Construction
is expected to be a total of 20 or 21 months.

The community center contract includes construction of the shell
garage for the housing section, providing the foundation for the
housing section, which will start about a year later, and last about
12 to 14 months. So the housing portion (122 affordable housing
units in four story building) could be finished shortly after the
community center, if all goes well.

The first phase of construction will be utilities on Dinwiddie, the
Pike and Arlington Mill Drive.

Dinwiddie is going to be rebuilt (at least on the north side) at the
Pike to eliminate the substantial grade change at the Pike on that side.

A temporary light will be installed at Arlington Mill Drive and the
Pike to allow traffic to exit from the neighborhood there as Ninth
Road (on the back side of the site) is built.

With all the work on the roads right by the center, expect it to be
disruptive, especially on Dinwiddie St.

There will be major excavation for the garage, down two stories.
Truck routes are yet to be determined, but expect them on Four Mile
Run Drive.

After about a year, the community center building will be closed in,
and most construction activities will be inside.

Contact information for the construction company liaison (Hitt
Construction) will be published as soon as available.

The official and ceremonial groundbreaking will probably be in early


John Snyder
Douglas Park